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Garden Gnomes are back……Hooray!

We were delighted to read yesterday in the  Guardian the infamous & good ole Garden Gnome is back & here in Zippy Zappy land we are really hoping they are back for good!

I personally have always loved them from being very little; their vibrant colours & cheeky faces. Ok yes  we need a Zippy &  Zappy mold creating now…Another project on the horizon…I think!!

Does anyone  remembers the Gnome House (as I used to call it) in Goose Green in Altrincham ?

There used to be a house tucked in the corner with a garden completely full of them! Sadly after many many years of admiration from shoppers & myself growing up over night they had mysteriously vanished! Spread across the local papers with shock reactions at how anyone would possible steal so many overnight.

Nowadays there are Designers & Artists out there creating quirky, state of the art gnomes!

Quirky, State of the Art Garden Gnomes

We’re just loving both the traditional & even more quirky!  Which do you prefer?

The traditional Garden Gnome